Hello from Oakland.

I'm Eric, a product designer who divides his time between physical & digital product design. I currently design how humans interact with complex machines at General Electric. You can see a summary of my work below.

Previously I have had the privilege of working for and collaborating with the amazing people at SAP, Hot Studio, Condé Naste, Holly Hunt and Apple. 


APM, a digital product for monitoring complex machines that can not fail, for GE.

CoPilot, a simple image editing app to publish content across all screens, for Condé Nast.

Mcrew, a multi platform app for railway logistics optimizing rail car movement, for GE. 

Raildocs, a multi platform Predix app for railroad compliance, for GE. - IN DEVELOPMENT

Get Leo, an iOS app for temporal sharing. - AQUIRED BY LYFT

Xoom, an iOS and Android app for world remittance. - AQUIRED BY PAYPAL

TwoGo, an iOS and Android app for car sharing for SAP.

See the process behind my work here


Asmbly, a community news feed around the manufacturing ecosystem.

Moblere, a manufacturer of timeless hand crafted furnishings. 

Stavn, a studio focused on design for manufacture. 

The 100 Day Project, one hundred days of radial carving on wood. 

Color Reserve, a service establishing color standards for correcting digital photography. 

Object Noun, a book on design. 

On the internet, you can reach out to me on Twitter, follow on Instagram, or help me find a replacement for Rdio.