TwoGo for SAP

While working for SAP I designed their first consumer pointed mobile app. As a spinoff from its enterprise focus, TwoGo represents a cultivation of employee culture, green initiatives and business savings toward an inherently mobile and peer to peer market.

From the start, SAP employees used the app to schedule meeting requests for carpools to and from work. I was able to interview several users to understand their use, drafting person's from user's actual stories. Following the scope, I focused on the detailed use cases which shed light on understanding potential user interface objects, architectural, and interactive structure.

The initial version brought valuable insights, by serving as a testing ground first through interface testing, then usability studies. From these insights I was able to press into specific issues to create an even greater user experience for the initial release. Check out TwoGo for Web, iPhone and Android.

User Experience Design
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
User Interface Direction
Usability Testing

Early mobile prototype

Personas & User Stories

Use Cases

VIA Information Architecture

Early Wireframes

Revised Wireframes

First release of version one for Android

First release of version one for iOS

Current Release for TwoGo on Android

Current Release for TwoGo on iOS