Hello from Oakland Castro Valley.

I'm Eric, a product designer who divides his time between physical & digital product design. I designed how humans interact with complex machines at General Electric. Today you can find me in my woodshop with the team at Good Wood. You can see a summary of my work below.

Previously I have had the privilege of working for and collaborating with the amazing people at SAP, Hot Studio, Condé Naste, Holly Hunt and Apple.


Predix Studio, an IoT artifical intellegence data integration platform for GE

APM, a platform for monitoring complex machines that can not fail for GE

CoPilot, an image editing app to publish content across all screens for Condé Nast

Mcrew, an app for railway logistics optimizing rail car movement for GE 

Raildocs, an app for railroad compliance for GE 

Get Leo, an iOS app for temporal sharing - AQUIRED BY LYFT

Xoom, an iOS and Android app for world remittance - AQUIRED BY PAYPAL

TwoGo, an iOS and Android app for car sharing for SAP


Your Internet Co, a hyper local ISP for communities off grid

Stavn, a studio focused on art & design for slow manufacture

Asmbly, a platform for interchangable manufacturing TBD

Mechanicalist, a platform for car specialists to connect with car enthusiasts TBD

Beta Objects, a prototype and batch manufacture shop in Chicago - SOLD in 2012
On the internet, you can reach out to me on ︎, follow on ︎, or help me find a replacement for ︎ because rdio was so much more.